Filmology Productions services all of New England and is located in Massachusetts. We offer videography, photography and editing services for athletes, coaches, recruiters and families for a variety of sporting & media events. We specialize in highlight videos using music and special effects as well as high volume Team & Individual Photography.


Hi, my name is Towanna, I'm fulfilling my mission for Filmology by building the esteem of youth & young adults through photography but more importantly through the love of Jesus Christ! Child Psychologists use photo therapy techniques to improve mental illness  in children and studies have shown that seeing themselves in portrait form engaged in a preferred activity or family photo gives them reassurance, comfort and a sense of importance.


Filmology has a unique style that has an artistically dramatic approach to graphic  design producing custom 3D images that involves a composite photo process. My kids sports photos from the years before Filmology are in the bottom of a drawer but we produce composite images that athletes LOVE share, hang and post!  

We’d love to service your family, school, league or organization and creatively preserve the memories with quality products for years to come... future generations will thank you! Wishing you an abundance of love far beyond what you can ever ask or think!


Towanna Harris

Using green screen technology dramatically increases the efficiency of the photo day process. Filmology is 100% online and customers love the intuitive on-line platform. Just text an access code to get registered and immediately receive info regarding photo day and access to the gallery of images. Customers can proof photos before purchasing using a phone, tablet or computer and orders are sent directly to the lab for fulfillment. Most items ship within 48 hours, shipping info is sent by text and packages can be tracked to your doorstep. Our workflow minimizes errors and organizes every aspect of the photo day process.