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Youth League Picture Day

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FILMOLOGY is South Shore's 

Filmology specializes in Team & Individual Photography and offers custom 3d images in exciting cutting edge designs, with or without greenscreen.  We work with youth, high schools & college sports teams. 

Premier Sports Studio!

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Say Goodbye To:

  • Paper Order Forms

  • Dull and  Boring Photos

  • Waiting Around For Teammates

  • Extended Turnaround Time

  • Missing or Abandoned Orders

  • Online Ordering From Your Smartphone 

  • Cutting Edge Composite Images

  • Fast & Efficient Photo Days 

  • View & Choose Images Before Purchase

  • Lightening 2-week Turnaround Time 

  • Track Orders To Your Doorstep.

Say Hello To:​

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Picture Day














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American Football Game

example of the 6ft x 3ft banner that we hang in your field or gym before photo day. The QR code can be scanned by your camera app to start registration up to 6ft away!


No more paper order forms. Registration is done by texting 90738 and entering the special access code for your league/team. Parents must AdvancePay from selected amounts starting at $15.
Photo Day
We use a pick-a-pose chart and athletes are photographed in 3 poses (with appropriate props like helmets, chains, etc.) one at a time using green screen. Photos are extracted and virtual team photos are created. This eliminates the need to coordinate the entire team being present, giving parents flexibility.
Appointment blocks can be booked if needed. We strive to make photo day hassle-free.

FILMOLOGY PRODUCTIONS  is South Shore's Premier Sports Studio!

Filmology is 100% online & offers a hassle-free photo day! We make this process easy & convenient for parents and school or league staff. Customer service is our top priority, simply provide us with the team roster & schedules and we’ll create banners, email graphics and social media posts to keep parents in the loop! 

Filmology uses advanced Green Screen Technology, the individual images are extracted and blended together to create a custom dynamic, virtual team poster or banner. We offer dynamic 3D Images with cutting edge graphics that athletes and parents love!  

example of a reserved Time block for athletes photo session. Reduces wait time significantly and is convenient for parents.



Filmology’s ordering system is so intuitive! We offer an explainer video and flyers with step by step directions.  
Gallery - In 3-5 days once the images are uploaded to the gallery, parents will get a text notification letting them know that the gallery is live along with a link to view the gallery. Images are retrieved using “Face Time” technology or tags by team and parents can choose the images that they want before ordering, using a cell phone, tablet or computer!  
Ordering - There's no deadline to order, however, there is an incentive for ordering during the first week of a live gallery and prices are subject to change after the first week.
AdvancePay amounts never expire and can be used with multiple galleries as long as the same phone number is used.

Lightening Turnaround Time - Filmology knows that everyone wants their photo products as soon a possible. Orders are shipped within 48 business hours of the the order being placed and arrive within 4-5 business days!   Parents love tracking their orders right to their doorstep! Orders arrive super FAST and the service is CONVENIENT! 

COVID-19 Prepared:

ONLINE ORDERING - No order forms to hand out creates less exposure to spread by contact.  All transactions are completed online. 


TEAM COMPOSITES - We specialize in team composites!  We take individual photos of each player and place them in their team design creating a virtual team photo.  This helps to maintain social distancing.

At Filmology,  our experience with graphics & printing along with our network of suppliers allows us to assist your organization with marketing and promotional materials such as banners, standing retractable banners, plaques, brochures and business cards. 


💥 Donation of a Rookie Package to 3 athletes whose parents may need a little extra support.           

💥Complimentary Extreme Team Sports Banner for your organization with all your teams or athletes displayed.

💥Complimentary Extreme Team Sports Photo for every coach and team mom. 

💥Fundraising opportunities for your organization, ie. t-shirts, team schedule calendars, key chains, dog tags and photo travel mugs.

💥Having unique and exciting cutting edge photos that your athletes will LOVE!


📆Book your Picture Day TODAY! 🗣Let’s Goooo!!!!

What are the incentives of using our services?...I'm so glad that you asked…


Thank you for considering Filmology Productions for your photography and marketing needs. We are here to provide quality service to you! Please contact us with any questions.

Football Game


06 - Team Banner Program - REVISED.png

Dress up your STADIUM, FENCE or GYM on GAME DAY with custom BANNERS! Impress your FANS & your Seniors will feel like rock stars!

Custom designed Extreme Team & Individual Banners and photos of your Athletes including logo, school colors, name, jersey number and of course team name.

05 - Player Banners -REVISED.png
03 - HS Banner (2) copy.png

Banners that will take your program to the next level! Many teams feature their Seniors or Varsity Players with individual banners that can be gifted to them at the end of the season. 

Photo Day Video: A visual representation of the simplicity of Filmology's photo day process.